Name Elisabetha Frank
Birth 14 Dec 1791, Schietingen, Germany
Death 29 Jul 1823, Altnuifra, Wurttemberg, Germany
Cause of death Auszehrung (consumption, tuberculosis)
Misc. Notes
Tochter d. gest. Johann Christoph Frank, Schultheiß in Schietingen und Catharina Luz
1 Johann Georg Gutekunst
Birth 19 Mar 1795, Haiterbach, Wurttemberg, Germany
Death 26 Mar 1846, Altnuifra, Wurttemberg, Germany
Occupation Hofbauer und Anwald in Altnuifra
Cause of death Lungenschwindsucht (edema (water in the lungs))
Marriage 26 Oct 1818, Haiterbach, Wurttemberg, Germany
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